The Delphi Investment Strategy
Over Thirty Years of Solid Performance

We pursue a proven value investing strategy that emphasizes the fundamental performance of underlying companies.  We only invest in companies that meet our internally developed set of rigorous quantitative criteria and that are under good management.  As disciples of the Graham-Dodd school of value investing, this means we believe that an investment candidate should only be purchased at a low absolute valuation.  Additionally, it means that we personally contact management at every company in which we invest.

Delphi Management invests only in equity securities of US-listed companies, and takes only long positions.

Delphi offers three products:

1) The All-Cap, which invests in businesses that meet Delphi’s strict quantitative and qualitative criteria regardless of market capitalization.

2) The Small/Mid-Cap, which applies the same criteria as above, but with an emphasis on companies with market capitalizations below the high end of the Russell 2500 Value Index.

3) The Concentrated Mid-Cap portfolio, which is a concentrated version of the SMID product.


Delphi Management is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA).